Rice kheer recipe – chawal ki kheer recipe by Foodloge

Rice kheer recipe - chawal ki kheer recipe by Foodloge

Rice kheer recipe is one of the most famous and traditional dish of all the people. I always love to make sweets. One of the reason to make them is that they are made very quick and easy. One of the most made sweet in my home is Rice kheer that is called chawal ki kheer in Urdu or Hindi.

In a variety of many sweet dishes, there are many of them which I used to make at events and gathering of family occasions. Rice kheer is one of the most famous of among all. As sweets are the sign of happiness.

Sweets create happiness. See my recipe of cream fruit salad. I am sure you will love it!!

What is a rice kheer?

It is a combination of soaked rice mixed with milk, sugar and a sweet taste of condensed milk is added in it to make it more enhanced. After it gets cooked, a amount of dry fruits are sprinkled or could be added in the kheer so that it would be a good combination. Some people love to add them and some don’t. Its about your choice.

Combination of different cookies and sweet creams makes a tasty outcome. See my recipe of Oreo dessert to get best sweet recipe!

Ingredients for making Rice kheer recipe

Milk 1 liter
Rice half cup soaked
Sugar 1 cup
Cardamom 4 to 5
Condensed milk2 tablespoon
Dry fruitsfor garnishing as required

Cardamom: it is added to give a good smell and taste of cooked sweet mixture.

Condensed milk: It is added to make the kheer more tasty and delicious. Condensed milk makes a sweet dish more in sweet and tastes best. But you need to add sugar along with it.

Dry fruits: By adding dry fruits, it would give a good look to the kheer as anything you make should give a presentable look.

Process to make rice kheer

Milk pudding. 
Step by step procedure
Rice kheer
  • At first, add milk into a pan. Let it get little heat up.
Soaked rice, kheer, rice, pudding, sweet,
  • After that, add soaked rice into the milk.
  • Let it cook until it gets thick.
Sugar, sweet recipes, 10 best sweet recipes
  • Now, add sugar to it. Make sure that the sugar doesn’t get stick to the pan.
  • Let the sugar get dissolved.
Dry fruits, sweet recipe of kheer pudding.
  • Add cardamom, when the color gets little changed.
Simple recipe of making kheer
Rice kheer pudding
  • At last, add condensed milk and mix carefully.
  • refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours.

Recipe notes:

  • You can also add broiled saffron as per your choice.
  • You can also add rose water to give it more flavor. Its optional.

So, this was the recipe of the day. Making this would definitely make you satisfied and happy. Try this Rice kheer recipe by your side and share your reviews. Make for you family and friends.

Rice kheer recipe – chawal ki kheer – rice kheer recipe – dessert recipe.

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kheer is a rice pudding which is very famous dessert in indian homes. its creamy and delicious

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chawal ki kheer recipe in hindi:- .

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