Potato cheese balls recipe by Foodloge – Easy and quick potato balls

Potato cheese balls recipe are one of the most tasty and mouthwatering thing I have ever eaten! This is something which I usually make at home for my friends and family. Nothing goes on with these except a sauce. That could be any of it!

Making potato cheese balls are easy and not much time taking only some of the ingredients has to be mixed up and deep fry. You cheese balls are ready to eat.

These are also a cultural special like we make in gathering like iftar special snack or Ramadan special snacks. Because they are easy to fry.

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Potato cheese balls recipe by Foodloge - Easy and quick potato balls

What are Potato cheese balls

They are a mix of spices like salt, chili flakes and the other mentioned in my ingredient section. Boiled mash potatoes with some of the very yummy taste of cheese and vinegar. They are coated with bread crumbs and flour(baking) for frying.

Potato cheese balls recipe with ingredients and step by step procedure

Ingredients for potato mix

Potatoes Half kg
Chicken 250g
Cheddar cheese 5 slices
Coriander leaves As required
Vinegar 3 tablespoon
Chili sauce 3 tablespoon
Soya sauce 3 tablespoon
Salt 1 teaspoon
Black pepperHalf teaspoon
Chili flakes 1 teaspoon
Lemon 1
GarlicHalf teaspoon

Potato cheese balls frozen

If you are planning to freeze potato cheese balls then it is a very good frozen item. You may completely add the ingredients and shape them in balls. After that, place it in a tray or plate and refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours. Then take them out and you may put it in a plastic bag for next 10 days.

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Procedure to make Potato cheese balls

Homemade Potato cheese balls recipe by Foodloge - Easy and quick potato balls
Quick easy

Step 1: At first, boil the potatoes, peal them off and mash.

Step 2: After that, add all the spices and ingredients as per the quantity mentioned above.

Step 3: Then, add cheese to the balls and mix them well that the cheese gets dissolved in it.

Homemade Potato cheese balls recipe by Foodloge - Easy and quick potato balls
Quick easy

Ingredients for frying

Water1 cup
Breadcrumbs as required for frying
All purpose flour 3 tablespoon
Deep fry Potato cheese balls recipe by Foodloge - Easy and quick potato balls
With or without breadcrumbs

Deep fry

  • Add one cup of warm water in bowl
  • Then, add flour and mix well without lumps.
  • Add bread crumbs to a plate
  • Coat the cheese balls with flour mixture and them with breadcrumbs.
  • Deep fry in oil on a medium heat.

Make sure that the balls are 3 to 4 hours frozen before frying.

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Potato cheese balls without breadcrumbs

You can also make potato cheese balls without breadcrumbs. As there are some people who don’t like breadcrumbs fried things. So there is a another method.

  • Add one cup of warm water in bowl.
  • Add 3 tablespoon of chick pea flour into it.
  • Then after that, add pinch of salt and red chili powder. Mix them well without any lumps
  • Coat the balls with chickpea mixture and deep fry on medium heat until golden brown.
How many calories does a Potato cheese balls have?

There are total 77 calories in per cheese balls.

Are potato cheese balls for baby?

Yes they could be if there are less spices in them. You may see the recipe here www.foodloge.com

Can potato cheese balls be baked ?

Yes. They could be bakes as well. Add up little oil to your baking dish, spread through the brush, place the balls and bake for 15-18 minutes until golden brown.

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today i’m sharing with you this cheese balls recipe which is perfect to serve as snack. how to make the best potato balls coated with a super crispy paprika breading and filled with gooey and stretchy mozzarella cheese..

place the cheese balls inside a deep fry mesh basket and fry the cheese balls on a medium flame from all the sides until they turn golden brown..

now refrigerate these cheese balls for 2 hours by placing them in the freezer..
for the complete written cheese balls recipe click here: ..
heat oil in a vessel add the cheese balls and fry them till they are golden brown..
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prepare potato balls: drain boiled potatoes and place them in heat proof bowl.. your tasty potato cheese balls now ready to serve. you can make easily by watching this short but comprehensive video.. learn how to make potato cheese balls recipe at home.
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children like to eat cheese balls.

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