Oreo milkshake – How to make best Oreo milkshake recipe

Oreo milkshake - How to make best Oreo milkshake recipe

Hey! today is the day for Oreo milk shake! There are many and many recipes for making Oreo shakes but, today I am going to make a unique one. That is the only good Oreo milkshake near me. I always had it with my friends and family on every other day of the weekend.

There are many of the ways like making it with ice cream or Oreo shake without ice cream. But here is my own recipe of making it more tasty and delicious chilled drink.

Ingredients for Oreo milk shake

Milk Half liter
Sugar 3 tablespoon
Dairy cream 2 tablespoon
Oreo 2 packs (4 biscuits in each)

How to make Oreo milkshake

Its just an easy thing to do! A quick way of serving your loved ones and family. You simply combine the ingredients you want to add up in the mixture like

Oreo biscuits as they would give the actual flavor to your drink. The milkshake would not be completed by adding up the Oreo biscuits.

Sugar would be added because the sweet touch in it is as important as biscuits. There will be no taste if there isn’t fulfillment of sugar in a sweet thing.

Milk is also a important thing for the quantity as its the major ingredient in a shake.

Dairy cream would give it a good and creamy texture which becomes a little bit heavy but very tasty.

Combining these all together would make a delicious drink for you!

Tools used for making Oreo milkshake

  • Bowl of medium size to mix ingredients
  • Spatula
  • Blender or chopper
  • Huge bowl for mixing


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Step 1

At first, take Oreo biscuits and break them in a bowl.

Step 2

Secondly, add cream to the broken Oreo.

Step 3

Then, add sugar. It could be grind sugar too. If not, then the normal sugar could be added because it blends and get mixed.

Step 4

After that, add half cup of milk to the bowl of ingredients.

Step 5

After all above, blend the mixture in chopper or blender so that all the ingredients gets mixed up well and chopped. Blend up till 5 to 7 minutes until it gives you a creamy and lumps free texture.

Step 6

Pour the whole mixture into a bowl and add half liter milk to it. Mix well and serve.


  • You can use any ingredient to make but, I had done it with creamy ones because its shake.
  • Also, you may add different kinds of toppings on your milk shake such as, cookies, broken Oreo, mars mellows and ice cream. Milk shake with ice cream on top is a wonderful combination after all.
  • Chocolate syrups, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream could be used as toppings too.
  • If you do not have blender or a mixing machine, you can add up the ingredients in a bowl then, add some milk over it. Let it get dissolved into the biscuits. Then, use a potato smasher to smash.
Is Oreo shake unhealthy?

Its more in calories because it has 2600 in a full glass of shake.

Do milkshakes help in loosing weight?

The ones which have low calories and taken in between lunch and breakfast are the ones who will help you loosing weight.

Can different ice creams be added to the Oreo shake?

Yes it could be. They taste delicious whatever ice cream be added to it. For the recipe visit www.foodloge.com

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