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Oreo dessert with creamy texture 
and best recipe with step by step procedure.

Oreo’s are of the most favorite and delicious biscuits I have ever eaten in my life! Also, there are many Oreo made dishes I have seen. People give more and more preference to making it because its a quick making dessert. All you need to do is chill it out! Yes! today I am going to tell you about my No Bake Oreo Dessert Recipe by Foodloge.

I always used to love sweets. They are the ones who bring happiness to life. And off course there is no meal completed by sweets. Oreo dessert recipe is one of my favorite that is why I love to make it for my self as well as my friends and family. Also, it is no bake dessert.

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Ingredients for Oreo dessert recipe

Oreo biscuits as required
Dairy cream to whip1 pack
Condensed milk2 tablespoon
Sugar2 tablespoon
Milk3 tablespoon

Oreo biscuits – They are one of the most finest biscuits I have ever eaten. These can be in using as frying by making fried Oreo’s. Also, it is used as in making shakes. creamy and chocolaty in its own taste. It will be used as in layer of the Oreo dessert.

Dairy cream – Cream is used in the recipe because of giving it a delicious creamy texture. This makes it smooth and tasty Oreo dessert. Also, it is healthy and good for your appetite. Also, Whipping the cream will give it a consistency which will grab the whole dessert into it!

Condensed milk – The milk which is made sweet and sugary with its condensed form. This form has more taste by adding it into any dessert or a shake rather than adding milk or sugar. Also, This will take the place of making it more tasty and balancing out the mixture.

Sugar – Sugar is to add to the cream because of the cream I have been using is unsweetened. If you are using a sweetened cream then, you may not add sugar into it. As it would give more sugary taste which will be not eating.

Milk – Milk is to add at the end just to make sure that the consistency is good enough to refrigerate. If you don’t feel like adding it you may not. Check the liquid consistency of the mixture. If more liquid then don’t add milk.

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Process to make Oreo dessert recipe

Step 1: At first, take Oreo biscuits. Cut them into half and remove the cream out of it with the help of knife. Place it in separate bowl.

Heavenly tasty Oreo dessert

Step 2: After that, put all the Oreo s into in grinder, and grind it until it gets in powdered form. Place it into a serving dish. level it plain according to your dish

Step 3: Then, pour the dairy cream into a bowl. Beat until it gets in creamy textured and in volume.

Step 4: Then, add sugar and beat for 5 minutes while sugar is getting dissolved.

Step 5: After that, add the cream of the Oreo biscuits and condensed milk. Beat for more 2 minutes. (Add milk if need)

No bake Oreo pudding recipe with 3 ingredients

Step 6: After all, pour the creamy mixture onto the Oreo powdered dish. Make sure it gets smooth to it finely.

Sprinkle Oreo biscuits onto it for garnishing. After that, cover the dish and refrigerate it for 3 to 4 hours before serving.

Best Oreo dessert recipe without cream cheese.

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Can we freeze the Oreo dessert?

As Oreo dessert recipe is made with the cream which is not freezable. So, it would give you the watery texture once you take it out after freezing. This will make no taste to your dessert. So, in my opinion I would suggest not to freeze it.


Serving Oreo dessert have different types. Oreo dessert cups, Oreo dessert dishes and also boxes or any thing you can pour it into. While serving it in any of the thing would not change its taste. Its heavenly tasty and delicious.

Can I make Oreo dessert without cream cheese?

Yes! It is made without cream cheese. You may see the recipe here

It is compulsory to bake Oreo dessert?

No. Its not compulsory to bake Oreo dessert. You may see the recipe here

Does Oreo dessert with condensed milk?

Yes condensed milk is added to it. You may see the recipe here

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