Ice cream cake recipe in 10 mins – Homemade and easiest recipe

Homemade ice cream cake recipe in 10 mins!

Ice cream cake recipe is the most easiest ways of making a dessert! There are no more efforts on making them. No bake cake with few ingredients and less time. I made many of the cakes but this one is my favorite because it has a chocolate flavor!

I used many of the tricks and ways in which I could make a tasty and delicious recipes on my own. My mother is not so much in these but I always had interest in making new things!

Lets have a look on to the ice cream cake recipe.

Not at all hard to try. All the ingredients are ready made. Pre-made ice cream, brought biscuits and all the other ingredients just is the way to make them and sort.

Ingredients are the most important thing that should be mentioned before.

Ingredients ice cream cake recipe

Tea biscuits As required
Dairy cream2 teaspoons
Chocolate ice cream As required for layering
Unsalted butter1 teaspoon
Chocolate chips or biscuits for garnishingAs required (optional)

Tools used

  • Serving dish – for layering
  • Glass – for balancing the biscuits layers
  • Bowl
  • Spatula

I am not able to believe that how much tasty and easy this ice cream cake recipe was. I so excited to make other ice cream cakes recipes because this had me very good experience.


ice cream cake - red velvet 레드벨벳 'ice cream cake' mv.
10 minute ice cream birthday cake!

At first, crush the tea biscuits into and blender. It should be in a powdered form so that it easily settles up in the dish.

Secondly, melt the butter in bowl and add up to the powdered biscuits. Let it remain for 10 minutes so that it gets cool down.

After that, add up 2 tablespoons of cream and mix up well.

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Now, add all the mixture in a serving dish, so that it gets easily layered.

Now add up the freezed ice cream on top of it.

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Make layer of ice cream on the layer of biscuit.

For garnishing you can add as per your availability. I have used here chocolate biscuits to add up on top. You may add chocolate syrup or sprinkles.

Now, freeze for 2 hours and serve.

Tips for making ice cream cake

You need to add up a plastic sheet over the tray before adding the biscuit layer. That will actually make it more easy to get out from it.

Whenever you are making it, make sure the ice cream doesn’t melt. Do make it in cool temperature. Otherwise, you will have to put it in fridge in between of making.

While serving the cake, before cutting you can run your cutter or knife from a hot water so that it cuts easily.

You can use any ice cream flavor like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.

Thank you!

Thank you for coming on my recipe its a pleasure! Try this recipe at home for different events and gatherings like birthdays, parties, events and many more. Make it for you friends and family and see them how happy they are to get it! For more recipes stay tuned!

What is the difference between ice cream and cake?

Ice cream is make up of creamy ingredients. Cake is a baked item. Cake needs to be cooked or steamed. For the recipe visit

Is ice cream cake unhealthy?

No its not. But it has more fat because of high containing sugar ingredients in it. But people do like it because of its cold taste. For the recipe visit

Are ice cream cakes available in UK?

Yes they do. Ben and Jerry’s cakes in London. For the recipe visit

ice cream cake – red velvet 레드벨벳 ‘ice cream cake’ mv.
10 minute ice cream birthday cake!
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