[Foodloge] Custard with cake best recipe in 20 mins easy and tasty.

Its a sweet foodloge today! Something very easy and very delicious. I personally love to eat sweets. It is one of my favorite foodloge to make it by my self. Custard with cake best recipe easy and tasty. And this foodloge is the first sweet foodloge I have made when I started cooking

So, I thought that what if I would share it with you guys and you may enjoy that too. After all, sweet is one of the most important thing after every meal. There is a need of having some sweet by the way whatever it is. I tried Cake with custard recipe with all my heart and shared with you guys. So, lets have a look onto the recipe of Cake with custard recipe.

Ingredients for making Custard with cake best recipe easy and tasty.

These ingredients are for making the Cake with custard only.

Milk 1 liter
Sugar1 cup
Custard powder3 tablespoon (it could be mango flavor or any suitable for you)
Waterhalf cup
Simple tea cake4 slices
Condensed milk2 tablespoon
Dairy cream2 tablespoon


Procedure is only for making Cake with custard.

Custard with cake best recipe- easy and tasty.
  • At first, in a pan (it could be any, better if non stick) add 1 liter of milk and let it get boiled at once. After that, add half cup of sugar into it.
  • Then, mix the two so well that the sugar should get dissolved into the milk.
    Now low the flame.
Custard with cake best recipe- easy and tasty.
  • In a bowl, add the 3 tablespoon of custard and mix it with water. Then, slowly add water to make it consistent.
  • Also, make sure that there should not be any lumps into it.
  • Now, add the yellowish mixture the milk. For instance, add it gradually to check the consistency of the milk.
  • After all the above, mix the custard along until it gets boiled once and cook for 2-3 minutes so that it gets a little bit thick.
  • Place it aside so that it gets cool down.
Custard with cake best recipe- easy and tasty.
  • Now, take the simple tea cake slices and cut them into cubes. The cubes shouldn’t be smaller as that would get mixed into it. Cut medium size cubes.
  • Now after the custard gets cool down then, add 2 tablespoon of condensed milk and 2 tablespoon of dairy cream. Mix it.
  • After all, add cake to the custard and mix carefully that it should not get broken. Pour it into the serving dish.

Ingredients for jelly

These are the ingredients for making jelly.

Water2 cups
Jelly1 packet (it could be any color you want)


It is the procedure for making jelly.

  • At first, in a pan(it could be any) add two cups of water. Let the water start boiling. As soon as, it gets boiled you should off the flame.
  • Now, add the pack of jelly and stir it quickly until the lumps get dissolved into it. Now, pour it onto the same size dish as you have poured the custard into. This is to be done for fine and exact topping.
  • Now, let it get cool down. Place two of the dishes onto the refrigerator.
  • At the time of serving cut the jelly into cubes and place them on the custard. You may also pour the cream onto it for a pleasant look.

Last steps of Custard with cake best recipe easy and tasty

So, guys this was the Cake with custard recipe!!! I am damn sure that you guys would love to eat that in summers and winters as well, as I said sweet after a meal is an important element.

It also, gives it a completeness. So, try with your friends and serve it to your family. They will love it. Then, do share your reviews with me, would love to have your comments!!
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