Chicken biryani – How to make simple chicken biryani recipe at home

Chicken biryani - How to make simple chicken biryani recipe at home

Chicken biryani is the most common and favorite dish of among all the people. This recipe brings out the best of all. So, today’s menu is upon most spicy and delicious made rice with some gravy and chicken mixed to it.

I used to make this with my mother but this time I tried at my own for my friends and family gathering. So, lets have a look on to the chicken biryani recipe.

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Ingredients for chicken biryani gravy

Rice 1 kg
Tomato 6
Potato 3
Chicken 1/2 kg
Green chilias required
Ginger garlic paste2 tablespoon
Salt2 teaspoon
Biryani masala1 pack
Lemon juice4 lemons

Step 1

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At first, chop the onions and cook on medium heat until it gets golden brown as shown in the picture. Then, add chopped tomatoes to it. Cook until it gets mixed well and changes its color to reddish.

Step 2

Pakistani Chicken biryani recipe

After that, add ginger garlic paste to the mixture. Adding paste will give more gravy look and also, it is important for the chicken to cook into it so that it doesn’t sinks.

After this, add washed chicken to the gravy.

  • Cut the potatoes into four and add along with it.
  • Now, add salt and biryani masala as per mentioned in the ingredients section.
  • Then, add Cook for 20 mins until the chicken gets golden brown.
  • At the end, add green chilies to it.

Note: You can also add here bone chicken but you need to cook that one for more 10 mins.

Ingredients for rice and steam

Lemon juice 4 lemons
Mint leavesas required
Green Chili 5 to 7
Black pepper 5 to 6
Cardamom 2
Cumin (zeera)1 teaspoon
Dried coriander 1 teaspoon
Black cardamom 2
Salt 3 teaspoons
Black cumin4 to 5

Step 1

Chicken biryani recipe by step by step procedure

After above, gather the ingredients and soak rice for 15 minutes.

  • Mint leaves are for giving a good fragrance to rice.
  • Lemon juice for giving rice a sour taste.
  • Green chilies for giving them spice.

All the black peppers are for boiling up the rice so that it gives a cooked and complete taste to it.

After that, add 4 cups of water to a utensil and add all the black pepper and salt. Let it boil first. Add soaked rice to the water and let it cook for 20 minutes. Remain for the steam.

extreme chicken biryani recipe for extreme biryani lovers.
chicken dum biryani recipe | hyderabadi chicken biryani | chef sanjyot keer | your food lab.
ingredients for chicken biryani:..

Step 2

Drain the rice and have layers. One layer rice and the other with the gravy.

Step 3

Then sprinkle all the greens over it. You can also add food color but its optional.

Mix a pinch of food color into 2 tablespoons of water and add it to it.

Let it be on steam for 15 mins on very low flame.

Ready to eat!!!


  • While boiling the rice, make sure it is a little bit sharp on edge because when you steam, it should not be more soft.
  • You can also add fried finger chips and fully boiled eggs in slices before steaming like after adding up the greens on rice.
  • Make sure when you open up the lid, if there is steam coming out of it, that means its done.
What makes the chicken biryani fresh?

Sprinkling mint leaves over the rice at the end makes the biryani fresh. Recipe at

What is the secret ingredient in biryani?

Adding garam masala and green chilies in biryani makes it extremely tasty for biryani lovers. Recipe at

What does chicken biryani tastes like?

It is a mixture of hot rice and delicious flavor of gravy made with chicken and tomatoes. The sticky rice with freshness of mint leaves makes it more tasty! Recipe at

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extreme biryani recipe for extreme biryani lovers.
chicken dum biryani recipe | hyderabadi chicken | chef sanjyot keer | your food lab.
ingredients for chicken:..

this recipe brings out the best of what a biryani should be.

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bombay biryani with potatoes recipe in urdu hindi – rkk..

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