Boneless Chicken Gravy | Chicken Handi Recipe | Mughlai Chicken Handi

Boneless Chicken Gravy | Chicken Handi Recipe | Mughlai Chicken Handi

Chicken boneless gravy is the most delicious and easy making dish ever. There are lots and lots of dishes we make but in Asian countries this is one of the most easiest. The recipe and its ingredients are less and easily available. One of my most favorite dish. Also, it taste good with a chapati and as well as rice. Its up to you. Lets look onto the recipe.

Ingredients for Boneless Chicken Gravy

Chicken boneless1kg
Onions2 medium
Tomatoes3 large
Salt 1 teaspoon
Ginger garlic paste1 tablespoon
Red chili powder1 tablespoon
Haldi 1 pinch
Dhaniya powder1 teaspoon
Zeera1 teaspoon
Oil4 tablespoon
Waterhalf cup
Yogurt4 tablespoon
Coriander leavesas per required for garnishing

Chicken gravy recipes 
Chicken karahi recipes

Onions are important as it makes the gravy more soften and delicious. But, if there is no availability you can just make it without them. By only adding oil, zeera and ginger garlic paste you may add chicken and cook.

Cut all the ingredients like chicken, tomatoes and onions. You may cut the chicken according to your desire shape.

Chicken recipes 
Chicken boneless recipe 
chicken gravy

This color of you gravy is the cooked look of it. After adding chicken and spices it should be looking like this. There are multiple ways you can make the chicken gravy dishes but the actual look when it gets completely cooked is this. As you can see, water is evaporated completely and the color got red.

Make sure you don’t cut the chicken too small that it gets mixed up with the gravy.

How to make chicken karahi boneless Chicken dishes recipes

After all it gets cooked, by beating up the yogurt with the help of spatula, add it to the gravy. This makes the chicken most soft and gives a gravy like texture to your food. After adding yogurt, mix lightly for up to 2 to 3 minutes. Cook on medium flame. After that, cover up your food and steam for 5 minutes.

You dish is ready to eat

You can serve by sprinkling up coriander leaves or ginger cuttings.

Process of making Boneless Chicken Gravy

  • At first, cut onions into slices then by adding oil to the pan add them into it.
  • After some time add zeera and mix properly for up to 5 minutes.
  • Now, add ginger garlic paste and mix up for another 2 minutes.
  • Make sure the flame is low.
  • After that, add boneless chicken which is cut into pieces.
  • Mix them all and cook for until 15 minutes so that the color changes.
  • Then, add grind tomato.
  • After that, add all the spices as mentioned in the ingredients section.
  • Cook until the gravy gets reddish and make it more in cooked form. Like the steam and water gets evaporated.
  • After all above, in a separate bowl, mix up the yogurt with spatula and add it to the chicken gravy. Mix it lightly and cover up the pan with low flame. Let be on steam for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Ready for serving sprinkle coriander leaves.

So, this was today’s recipes. A quick and easy procedure of making a chicken boneless gravy. DO try for your friends and family and share you reviews about it. Waiting for your comments!!!

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