Hey! This is Moeeza and Waleed, we are food bloggers !

We as food bloggers create multiple food recipe content that is easily homemade. In foodloge, loge means ‘box’ so the domain for our website stands for the multiple foodloge (boxes) which includes multiple food content.

Making your food with your own effort, makes you feel delight!

Moeeza Nadeem

About Foodloge

Foodloge is a platform related to the food recipes and the way of making delicious food. The content which is very useful for the people who are interested in making different kinds of food material with different techniques.

Services provided by Foodloge

It will provide the recipe content with images that will help the people visualizing the content and its features. That’s more and more helpful for the user to understand it.

Foodloge provides you Asian and Arabic food variety. That includes many common and trending recipes of the era.

Notify with the next recipe

lets join our Foodloge YouTube channel to get notify with the new amazing recipes.